Medtronic Laparoscopy Tower and Reusable Instruments

COMPLETE Product Solution

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TJN CO. as exclusive distributer of Medtronic(Covidien) in Iran Introducing a state of the art Full HD laparoscopic system to deliver safe, reliable laparoscopic surgery using high-end technologies of pioneers in medical video systems.

Covidien Native Full HD

1080p Laparoscopic System

One complete solution perfectly synchronized for stunning image quality including wide range of reusable laparoscopic instruments.

Native Full HD image capturing and digital processing produces higher sensitivity and contrast, edge enhancement and real color reproduction.

Capture the perfect image with a combination of a Native Full HD resolution camera and laparoscope. Using CMOS technology.

High-Quality Image:

Ensure the sharpest images with rich contrast and increased depth of field with Covidiens optimized optical system.


Extend lifespan with a robust, laser-welded design and fibers that experience reduced stress in autoclaving.

Easy to Operate:

Control light intensity from the camera head, remote control with unique MIS-BUS system.

Robust Design:

Avoid excessive heat development and mechanical, shocks with the integrated electronic design.

Intuitive User Interface:

Control light intensity from the camera head remote control with unique MISBUS system.

Precision Optics Durable Design:

Covidien offers 5 and 10mm diameters with 0 and 30 degrees direction of view, each featuring precise HD-optics, superb contrast as well as outstanding color reproduction.