CUSA® Excel+ Ultrasonic Surgical Aspiration System

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Advanced Features with CUSA® Excel+ Ultrasonic Surgical Aspiration System


Exclusive TissueSelect Ultrasonic Surgical Tip

-  Tissue strength affects tactile feedback, providing important clues to the type of

tissue in contact with the tip enabling surgeons to avoid vital structures.

-  As the setting is increased, softer tissue is still easily fragmented, but stronger

tissue is more resistant providing superior tactile feedback to the surgeon.

-  TissueSelect Tissue Option Feature maintains fragmentation capability for tumor removal

while maximizing selectivity for surgeon control around critical structures.

TipSelect Ultrasonic Surgical Tip Collection


-  Versatile tissue removal system allows for the selection of the most appropriate tip based on consistency, location, depth and access of tumors.

-  For added flexibility, tips can be changed in the sterile field, rather than the entire handpiece, optimizing the handpiece for the procedure.


Unique CEM Nosecone for Hemostasis*


-  Powerful combination of electrosurgery and ultrasonics in one handpiece.

-  Simultaneous activation permits more rapid tissue debulking.


Pre-aspiration Holes


-  Minimizes clogging and decreases misting of the irrigation fluid, providing better visibility.

-  Removes the heat generated by the vibrating tip, preventing thermal tissue

damage or fracture of the tip.



Tissue Release Function


-  Shuts off suction for 2 seconds after deactivation of the vibration footswitch to protect against

delicate tissue trauma.

-  Helps prevent inadvertent traction on sensitive tissue.